Growing up, my family and I always enjoyed eating fresh food made with simple, real ingredients. A staple in my house was my grandfather’s 100-year-old pickle recipe. Every summer, we would use fresh ingredients picked straight from our backyard garden to make the same pickles that you know today as Grillo’s. It’s humbling to think that the pickles I started selling out of my hand-built wooden pickle cart on the streets of Boston in 2008 can now be enjoyed nationwide because of the support and encouragement of a few loyal believers early on. Thank you all for the continued support over the last twelve years.

  • Grillo's Pickles - The Garden

    The Idea

    The lightbulb goes off after a job opportunity at Nike falls through. Travis decides to take his 100 year old family recipe and make pickles straight from the backyard garden.

  • Grillo's Pickles - The Cutlass Supreme

    The Cutlass Supreme

    The first Grillo’s pickles were were sold out of the trunk of a two tone 1984 Cutlass supreme at local events and markets around Connecticut and Massachusetts.

  • Grillo's Pickles - The Jersey

    The Jersey

    Made the first custom Grillo’s Pickles jersey in Philadelphia, hand stitched at Triple Play Sports.

  • Grillo's Pickles - The Move

    The Move

    Pickles were selling and we needed a bigger platform so Grillo’s moved to Boston to open the first pickle cart.

  • Grillo's Pickles - The Cart

    The Cart

    When I applied to get a permit to sell Grillo’s Pickles, I got laughed at and they gave me my first month’s rent free saying I “wouldn’t last!” I started selling Grillo’s Pickles on the streets of Boston at the Park St. T-Stop – 2 spears for $1.

  • Grillo's Pickles - The Jar

    The Jar

    Whole Foods found me on the street selling pickles and asked me to produce our first retail jars for the Fresh Pond location in Cambridge, MA.

  • Grillo's Pickles - The Hustle

    The Hustle

    Hustled pickles in as many grocery stores as we could by doing hands-on in-store demos and sampling events.

  • Grillo's Pickles - The League

    The League

    Grillo’s gets accepted into historic Fenway Park.

  • Grillo's Pickles - The New Wave

    The New Wave

    Continued to spread brand awareness through farmers markets, events, and social media.

  • The Shop

    Grillo’s introduces Boston’s first ever brick and mortar pickle shop. We had over 25 different vegetables and flavors available at Inman Square in Cambridge, MA.

  • Grillo's Pickles - The Powerful Joe Rogan

    The Powerful Joe Rogan

    Joe Rogan finds Grillo’s and lets the people know.

  • The Cartoon

    Released our first ever cartoon.

  • Grillo's Pickles - Millionth Jar

    The Millionth Jar

    Sold our 1 millionth jar! 

  • The Cartoon Part 2

    Released our second cartoon.

  • Grillo's Pickles - The Office

    The Office

    Grillo’s gets first headquarters. 

  • Grillo's Pickles - The Chips

    The Chips

    Grillo’s launches full 16oz chip line.

  • Grillo's Pickles - The Fans

    The Fans

    Grillo’s takes social media over and fans respond.

  • Grillo's Pickles - Target


    Target takes on Grillo’s nationwide!

  • Grillo's Pickles - The Half Sours

    The Half Sours

    Grillo’s Launch Half Sours in Northeast (a hit!)

  • Grillo's Pickles - Going Viral

    Going Viral

    Grillo’s goes viral with pickle bouquet.

  • Grillo's Pickles - The Fresh Packs

    The Fresh Packs

    Sandwich Makers launch nationwide.

  • Grillo's Pickles - The Pickle

    The Pickle

    Grillo’s releases first ever Patrick Ewing “the Pickle” sneaker.

  • Grillo's Pickles - 40 Under 40

    40 Under 40

    Travis wins Boston Business Journal 40 under 40 award.

  • The Ranking

    Grillo’s becomes the #2 refrigerated brand in the country.

  • The Takeover Continues

    Grillo’s Pickles lands in over 10,000 stores nationwide.

  • Grillo's Pickles - The Gear

    The Gear

    Urban Outfitters accepts Grillo’s T shirt nationwide.